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Why the system is so significant?

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Have you ever dreamed, in the sky of another bed, counted new stars?”When she is about to reach orgasm in the legitimate arms of her husband, she imagine a masked stranger in his place, secretly, his pleasure is tenfold in all honor.

Hot peppers for love

  • The psys call sexual fantasy this type of behavior. No need to go to the side of perversions, transgressions and other sulphurous words, there is nothing there that very normal and very commonplace. It is a production of the imagination that allows the self to take some distance with reality. Men or women, we all, or almost all, at one time or another, consciously or not, explicitly or not, fantasies, including sexual fantasies. Most of the time, they play a positive role in our love life. So when you go for the Hot Girl With Huge Boobs then the options are there.
  • If it is arbitrary to classify them by categories, as they are specific to each individual, we can nevertheless divide them into two great families: those, “creative”, which enrich the report; and those who bypass inhibitions, allowing sexuality to express itself. To which one could add two modes of expression: those which remain secret, abstract, of the domain of the imaginary; and those that are concretized by a passage to the act we then leave the fantasy literally for eroticism.

In an established couple, they
make more playful, more daring. As under the influence of alcohol.
“Talking about making love, evoking imaginary situations is for us a
powerful aphrodisiac and a way of breaking the routine,” says Lucie, who
has been married for three years, to whom she sometimes disguises herself, in a
dream, sultana of harem or nurse. Fantasies can amplify the pleasure, to
“take off”, to go further in the sensation.

Exceeding his inhibitions

Alice, 30, has in mind since the
age of 8, a very precise scenario, always the same: “I am a poor little
girl caught by bad soldiers.” Already in the school yard, I asked my
friends to attach me to playmaking love without this kind of staging has no
interest for me: I feel like a piece of meat. The scenarios she develops help
her overcome and sublimate a kind of repugnance for sex.

She who had a happy childhood
does not know where they come from. “It’s probably a very strict
education,” says Muriel Dagmar, a psychosexologist, “people who are
very inhibited with pleasure feel relieved when they think they are being
forced to administer it.” This lessens their feelings of guilt. is the
other. “Similarly, women who have fantasies of rape are often the ones who
are most afraid of it.

Fantasy also serves to protect
against archaic fears. When Fabien makes love with his partner, he imagines
that she invited a group of girlfriends in the living room. He, sitting in a
chair, is blindfolded. Young women circle around him, and each in turn abuses
his body.